Friday, 24 November 2017

Thursday, 23 November 2017

The red tree

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Today I read book called The red tree by Shaun tan.
This book is about a girl that has a missy life and whatever that can go wrong will go wrong.Her city is really quiet and nothing is that good but at the end of the day there something good waiting for her.
I like this book because it’s different and it’s has so much detail but it’s really short.

A new word that I learnt was Inevitable.

Artists tell their stories through Art

Time With My Family
The Best Time With My Family
The first square is about me and my cousin having a great time dancing,singing and having fun.
Were (takaro)-playing,(kanikani)-dancing and making a great memory in our lives.

This is about me running (nohopuku)-fast and passing and having heaps of fun.
I like running and getting tries it makes me happy and makes me want to get more tries for the rest of the game.

Me and my family get together and have a great time,we do stuff each other and we always stay together.
We will never leave any one be a (whanau aroha)-loving family.

This is when I was a little kid travelling to Rotorua,we were singing,playing eye spy and (he wa nui)-having a good time.
We loved being together and we had some good jokes,we were having a great time.

(whakawhetai koe)

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Today I read a book called Dragon Knight  by Kyle Mewburn.
This book is about this boy who gets himself in trouble all the time.There a boy that tries to tears him apart and his names is Master Perry Crumble he never gets away with it so he keeps doing it until he does it.
I like this book because he doesn't care what other people say he does what he wants.
A new word I learnt was Assassin


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Food chains

In the weekend

In the Weekend
“Hay Jarrod wake up” My sister whispered in my ear. “Go away I’m trying to have a sleep”I said with sleepy ness. “Ow , why did you do that for” I yelled “ ha ha ha”.

“Jarrod hurry up and clean up” My mum said. “I’m getting changed Mum !!!” I shouted. “Were going now” My aunt said.We jumped in the car and drove and just talking and saying some jokes.

All the kids were sleeping,I woke up and looked my sister.Amelia was sleeping on her neck it was funny,Halayla was doing the same.We arrived at my mum sisters place. I just Asked “can I go on your laptop”.“Okay” In a relax way.I played all the games I play here.My cousins came and we had A great time.

We had some lollies,played hide and seek. The last thing we did was had dinner and play on phones and laptops until 3AM

We went to the park the next day.Me and Halayla were having a great time we were laughing  and playing.We went to the little market next to the park we had some food and played on the go carts and the horse.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Moment in time

Moment in time
Today at school when it suddenly a storm started.

The storms are strong as Neptune’s and they will never stop.
It is so powerful they could blow me away.
It’s so wild it could bust the city.
It could harm and hurt in it’s rage.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Solar System

Home made toys

Guy fawkes

Guy Fawkes with my friend.
“Yah.I’m going to my friend I’m going to my friends”. “ Hay mum can I stay at Milans for Guy Fawkes”. “Ok but is it alright with them” “it is” “Ok go i’m having sleep”.We had a yum as dinner,It was potato with vegetables and sausages.His unties,uncle and cousins arrived he cave them big hugs,then Milan said “hi Girls” in a funny accent.

Me and Havea made heaps of mines in the sand.We did the corners ,the middle and that was it because Havea side broke down and then Milan came and was digging up. But me and Havea was so tired we couldn’t get angry. “Hay you were a post to dig down but straight”.We put all the compost around there garden me and him were very HOT!!!,we had two ice block each.Havea was walking home so me and Milan were board.

I few hours later.We were ready each one was in a bucket with sand in it.We lited each one at a time it was so cool. It was like a little fire work festival it smells like smoke and ashes.I heard a BOOM!!! and a KAPOW!!! I saw really sparkly ones and swirly ones.One was funny because It was like a meteor shower for ants and that was the last one.Each was so cooler than the other.Then I went home and my next neighbours were still doing it so I went over and did some more.

The end

Thursday, 9 November 2017

math number dictation

I need to write down the same number without looking at Mrs sheet

Place vaulue

I needed to do how many hundreds and tens.