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WALt describe our scene for our narrative.

WALT describe our scene for our narrative.
The Beautiful Sun!!!

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The sun’s rays were reflecting on the the glistening waves.The crystal clear water crashed into the humongous rocks sounding like a big roar.
Far away I could hear the faint tweeting of the birds in the trees. The soft squishy sand under my feet felt great and I felt  the gentle breeze blowing my hair.

The waves crashed onto my cold feet and I smelt seaweed and salty water.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Getting feedback from my class mates.

I am learning to get feedback from my classmates.I have used this rubric for my orientation.
Maui and Aoraki
Ranginui the sky father and the fantastic earth mother.One of their oldest children turn them apart the huge father above and the earth mother below.As the universe was involved and the land.Maui said to his brother to paddle out to sea out to ‘tounga ika’ (fish). They paddle so far in the sea wear no land was to be seen.

Character and setting - 2
Punctuation - 1
Audience - 2

Feedback - I like the way you have tried to use some describing words in your story.

Feedforward - Write sentences that will make sense.
Use more words to describe your characters and setting.
Use more detail.

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Safety around dogs

IALT:Write a procedure.

Title:Safety around dogs.

Goal:How to be safe around dogs.            


1.First check if it's sweet before you meet.
You need to ask the adult or your parents if it's alright for you to meet the dog and to know where you are. Then ask the owner and the dog.

2.Next to under stand they sniff your hand.
    They know that you want to play with you when they sniff the back of your hand.

3.Then keep your face out of their space.
       You need to stay away Because it will get mad or annoyed and bit you.

4.Slowly and quiet is the way to go.
Don’ run and shout Because it will jump on you.

5.If a dog has a snack stay well back.
Because it might bite you. Because he's eating.

If you treat the dog right you could be his or her Best Friend.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ancient egypt

The lower class in ancient Egypt played board games. These were popular because they were made out of wood and stones and so were inexpensive and readily available. Every house used
to have board games.

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