Thursday, 29 November 2018

Friday, 2 November 2018

Maths Strategy

Today we had to have a strategy for three question I chose this one.
The one I had to actually work out the equation in red and that's how I got my answer.

For this question I used the blue equation.
I used the easiest of them all 9x6 that is the one a used.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Rugby Tournament

Rugby tournament

During the school holidays my teammates and I were going to a rugby tournament in Taupo on the holidays.
Our team was extremely hyped up just wondering if we are going to win the whole entire tournament for under 10 teams.

To start with the coach says“Everyone gather up team, huddle in this one week we are going to show them what we are made of. We are going to own these fields! But mostly have fun and I say like I mean it.” We had to warm up the first day and we were very tired because we had a huge field that we needed to run to each side non stop. Our first game was harsh! I hit someone very,very hard he was scared of me because of the tackle I that I have done. I was feeling really aggressive because I wanted our team win but at the same time have a great time.

During the game we were feeling like a boss. All of the other games we just went all in because the players were our size but I felt bad for our last game. Because these kids looked like they were seven I was four at their size but it was still fun just to see them try. The crowd cheered us on with heaps of pride, everyone was like “ Yah go son you got this. You can do it.” Because these kids looked like they were seven I am four times their size but it was still fun just to see them try. That was one of our easiest game of playing rugby.   “Everyone did great we made people scared but mostly we had lots fun” said the coach.

Last of all I hoped that we had a great week and we did. It was fabulous! I hoped everyone else had a great week to because without them we wouldn’t have any games.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Boxing Feedback

Thank you Pax for the boxing moves

WALT:learning how to box using the 3 commandments


I will have respect for myself,my coach,my peers and the sport of boxing.


I will have the discipline to turn up to every boxing session and give my 100%

I will not cause harm to others and only practice boxing in a safe environment under the guidance of a coach.

I wasn’t all surprised because I did boxing lessons not so long ago.I was really tired the gloves were gigantic I had really sweaty hands.Even though she wasn’t pushing us to the limit we still tired we working physically hard.

But I still want to learn much more.