Thursday, 20 September 2018

Boxing Feedback

Thank you Pax for the boxing moves

WALT:learning how to box using the 3 commandments


I will have respect for myself,my coach,my peers and the sport of boxing.


I will have the discipline to turn up to every boxing session and give my 100%

I will not cause harm to others and only practice boxing in a safe environment under the guidance of a coach.

I wasn’t all surprised because I did boxing lessons not so long ago.I was really tired the gloves were gigantic I had really sweaty hands.Even though she wasn’t pushing us to the limit we still tired we working physically hard.

But I still want to learn much more.

Our Tuakana Teina Day

WALT:Ako day
Learning from each other and learning with each other.
Room 8 was having a Tuakana Teina day Wednesday.Our buddy class was Room 3,we had a wonderful day.

We were making a earthquake proof house for our learning.We had a really good design but I went out control but my buddys were really helpful.They told me what I could do and what I should do I had to a lot of tying it took us awhile to get everything done.

My buddys was Eh htoo and Angelina we all got to do our part I was able to do all the building Eh htoo did all the painting and all the recording Angelina.Our idea were to use block the milk box some string and some cups one more thing was the clips.

It made our house very good it didn't make it all that shakey because it was all heavy so it wouldn’t move as much.

Monday, 3 September 2018

The never racking of x country.

Finally it’s the day we were going to cross country,I can’t wait until we get there.I hope I don’t come last,that would just suck because I really looked up to this.

There was a lot of schools there,I thought it would just be 4 or 5 schools but actually it was like 3 times that amount.We started warming up with some exercise like high knees,jumping jacks.I know that we were a post give our all in the race but I got tired before we even started.So I just had a little rest,and I did some exercise for my legs.

I stopped and looked around and the whole thing looked like 2 miles at least.I saw some really skinny kids,I thought the would beat me but they got tired really quick because they were sprinting at the start.I was only going slow.Then I saw that we were really close to the finish line so saw a opening.Because what I said earlier.So I only started sprinting winning for my school.

The finals yes everyone jumped into joy.Because we made it.We hoped we win because it’s so nerve racking when you were only vs slow people at the start but then the fastest people there were vs you and your school is cheering so you can win.I was so tired because I was vs my friends.I was doing the same strategy but it didn’t work as well as the other teams.

Amazing magic snow

What amazing magic snow.This rainy Wednesday morning,
Room 8 was making magic snow for a science experiments.

Firstly,Mrs Bracey told us the history of Magic snow,the product is polymer a science ingredient.There was a red warning so that’s when we put our listening ear on.Our ears were hooked onto the speaker and our eyes were doing the same thing.We carefully followed the instructions.

Secondly,We finally got the magic snow packet,we cut it open with some scissors.We got handed a transparent plastic cup.There was another packet,it smelt weird.We got ½ of cold water from the tap,it was so exciting.

Thirdly,We poured the water in and it grew as fast as cheetah can run.The polymer absorbed the water just like a towel.I heard some people squealing because they were having lots of fun.My group made a snowball and a castle.

So that was my experience for making magic snow.There was a red warning so that when we put our listening ear on.  

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Rangitoto eruption

Practicing posting
Positive comments
Using google share

A few days ago I heard that Rangitoto Island was going to erupt. But it is dormant right now,
I would like to explore Rangitoto Island. I kind of have a bad temper that’s why I like
volcanoes,it explodes with anger like my temper.

5 W’s
When:A few days ago.
Where:Rangitoto Island

Why:Bad temper like volcanos

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Boxing lessons

This was my first boxing lesson.
We learnt four moves.
Jab,Cross,Left hook,Right hook,Uper cuts
Jab all you had to do is push your hand straight.
Cross you just had to swap hands.
Hook is when you swing your hand al the way across for both sides.
Uper cut is when you just punch the air but upwards.

Second lesson
We learnt to move forward probley and backward.
Forward you put your front foot forward
and back foot backward.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Financial,Litracy in Primary
We learnt to save money
We learnt about insurance