Friday, 27 October 2017


WALT understand that artist use colours to describe their feelings.

My subject is a parrot. Parrots inspire me because they want to be free from the pirates and the cages.They remind me of the time when I went to another country and when I was in the plane I could see the birds eye view. I have chosen a parrot because of their colours remind me of excitement that I experienced when I was travelling to another country.

I chose the colours,Green,Blue,White and Yellow,because parrots are a type of bird that are colourful. It represents my personality of being adventurous. Parrots also represent the joyous times of my life. I like to be with my whanau and friends like the parrots who flock together. I also love their freedom where they are not told what to do.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Going to Australia!!!

“How long is it gonna take” I moaned  “Hay just wait we only got one or two miles to go” My mom told me.  “You should be thankful that you get to go  see your sister”  I was so tired and sick of waiting. So I started annoying my mom saying “Are we there yet” I groaned. A few minutes later “yah we are here” I was like what ,what are we here.We got in to the airport it was packed I was like wow.We were there just in time.We gave our ticket and rushed in to the plane.

“Boo yah” “were going to see my sister” (3x). I got a snake and a juice box,it was delicious.I had another really long,deep sleep.I wanted to play but I couldn’t I just played on the little tv in the set I watched guava juice videos there was one I really liked it was when he had to get out of this ecaperoom.The place was trashed I whispered to myself “I want to do that” but it never happen.I watched the rest of the video.He had to find cluse and keys and fidget spinners ,if he found all of them he would be able to get out there.There was a phone with a video call and a freaky voice.

Everyone woke up and I was still watching video. My mom asked “were you up all night” “No I was only up until 12” “Were here” “ were at Australia ”(3x) “I can’t wait to see my sister.We were looking 3x , “Jarrod”  “Alisa” I ran as fast as I could then I got really tired.I got back and pushed every one over with my mom. My Aunt said “brokey It’s been A long time, “we have  meet” We had a really really long ride. We finally got there and I saw Alisa friends,They had a lot of toys I started playing on there bikes and there tramp.

Friday, 20 October 2017


Diwali festival

Diwali the india New year festival?
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They light up diva lamps to show lakshmi where they live.
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Pray for lakshmi to go give them lots of wealth.
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Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and wealth means treasure.
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They left there windows and doors open to let lakshmi in.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


Word Problems using the number 8:

Panikeke is the island version of a fried donut. The local bakery put 4 Panikekes in each pack that they sell. If they sell 8 packs, how many Panikekes have they sold altogether?
4x7=24 +8=32

The All Blacks are the New Zealand rugby union team. During their rugby training the All Blacks use 48 cones. If 8 All Black players helped pick up all 48 cones and all 8 of them pick up the same amount of cones, how many cones does each All Black player pick up?
8x5=40 + 8 =48

There a 7 days in one week. The Panmure Shopping Centre open up a new barber shop and the shop owner says that only 8 customers visit his barber shop each day of the week (no more than and no less than). How many customers would visit the new barber shop in one week?
Tamaki Primary school have an egg race day and 72 students have signed up for the race. If there are 8 teams and they have the same amount of students in each one, how many students will be in each team?

72 divided by 8=9