Thursday, 9 March 2017

Recount of a whale

Follow the current

 I imagine me being a whale with my mum and my 2 sisters. We were going to paradise to live. There it was really really shiny. My location was a big bright deep ocean.  Suddenly, Mum heard this loud sound. It sounded like a storm. It wasn’t, it was gunshots. They were trying to catch the mama whale. She got shot in the head then she heard an echo location to say follow the current  my little children, so we  followed the current. But we got lost so we asked a dolphin to tell them where paradise is. The dolphin said follow your heart. We remembered what our mum said follow the current so we follow the current to get there. We got there safe . We were nearly there . We all went through a deep cliff. Well then we saw same more whales saying I love paradise it’s really cool here we get to have food and play. So we stayed there to check around. We made it our home because it was very mysterious and enchanting.

This is my story about whale hunters.

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