Wednesday, 15 March 2017

WALT continue a repeating pattern.

WALT continue a repeating pattern. . The 12th car will have a star on top of it because if you count in 5 you will get ten plus two will be 12 the love heart will be on 11th so that i guls 12 the star is on the 12. The 18th car will be circle because three 5 will equal 15 so plus 2 will 18 and the 18 will be circle. The 24th car will be square and if you count from 18 to 24.24 will be square. The 17th car will be triangle because 18 is circle and circle is one in front of triangle. The 27th car will have be circle because 24 is square and plus three more will be 27 and that will be circle. The 31th car will have a star because 27 equal circle so plus 4 more will star. The 53th car will have circle because 51 will have love heart plus 2 more will equal 53 so 53 will be circle.

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