Friday, 27 October 2017


WALT understand that artist use colours to describe their feelings.

My subject is a parrot. Parrots inspire me because they want to be free from the pirates and the cages.They remind me of the time when I went to another country and when I was in the plane I could see the birds eye view. I have chosen a parrot because of their colours remind me of excitement that I experienced when I was travelling to another country.

I chose the colours,Green,Blue,White and Yellow,because parrots are a type of bird that are colourful. It represents my personality of being adventurous. Parrots also represent the joyous times of my life. I like to be with my whanau and friends like the parrots who flock together. I also love their freedom where they are not told what to do.

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  1. This is a great piece of witing

  2. Very good vocabulary! I you should add a picture of your art...

  3. Hi I’m Katelyn from Stonefields School. I also think that parrots are inspiring because anyone can have there own opinions. I also am inspired by parrots because of there bright bold colours.

  4. I really like your writeing my feedback is try not to use so many "I" because after reading that for a while it becomes kind of boring

  5. Hi,my name is Ali and I am from stonefields school.The vocabulary is amazing and should add a picture of your piece of your art you made.I love rainbows.

  6. Hi jorrod ,I really like your pice of writing,I think you have very good vocabulary I wish I had a that good writing can you tell us some more interesting facts about parrots?.