Thursday, 31 May 2018

Walking water,Science experiment.

WALT: To use a barinstrom .
Walking water

Room 8 had a science experiment on Thursday to write about what we see.

Firstly:Ms Bracey set up the science experiment for us to observe what might happen.It was for Room 8 to predict what will happen.
Ms Bracey put primary colours in plastic cups full of water.She put food colouring, it was yellow, red and blue, 7 cups in a pattern: water, no water, water, no water, water, no water, water.

Secondly:Ms Bracey asked us to predict what will happen when it is finished. Our buddies were to  take a look and come back and give us information about what they saw there.

Thirdly:Ms Bracey told us to observe information. We saw a paper towel strip in one of the primary cups and made a secondary colour in the empty cup. The secondary colours were orange and green. The strip was merging with the primary colours into the empty cup. We came back on Friday and looked what had happened.

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