Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Trees for survival

Trees for survival
40% of our land is covered with trees ,are with trees. Only 23.8% of data collected in 2012 and that's . If you cut all them down we won’t breath.You should only cut down the trees for a good reason,if you cut some down leave the some up.Because before you know it, all the trees will be gone and only house and buildings will be left. Some people throw the furniture out too and that's just a waste of the trees. We we learn to recycle things.

There were 2,700,192 cars in 2012, in Auckland so we would need to double the trees to collect all the Carbon dioxide that are produced by these cars. So we have enough oxygen to live. Some people call NZ the Green land because of our trees so if we want to keep it that way. we need to plant more trees.If people keep on cutting down trees all the animals wouldn’t have a place to live,they would need to keep on moving and moving until the people stop cutting trees,but that will never happen.

39.9% of the country is full with grassland. Housing is a problem in New Zealand. This makes it even harder because we need land to build more houses and it is also becomes very important to plant more trees.

So you should plant 2 each year.

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