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Maui and Aoraki

Maui and Aoraki
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Ranginui’ the (sky father) and the fantastic earth mother were together for a long time. A few days later,there oldest child turn them apart the huge sky father above and the earth mother Below. As the universe was involved so was land."I am Maui the TRICKSTER!!! and the POWERFULEST!!!.I am INCREDIBLY STRONG!!! and FEARLESS.I am MAGICAL!!!,BRAVE!!! and UNDEFEATED!!!".One day Maui said to his brother to paddle out to sea, out to ‘tounga ika’(where the big fish are). They paddle so far in the sea where no land was to be seen.

Maui grabbed out his magical hook that he craved from his great grandma’s jaw bone. He casted out his hook so... far, a few minutes or seconds it was able to get a really big pull. He pulled like he never had done in his life,all his brothers shouted ‘owear’(wow) “you got a humongous fish”. These huge mountains came out of the sea and made them stuck in a square. It got smaller and smaller at each second. Four Huge waves came and crashed and made a giant splash. Maui stood up and made everything clow and turn into grass,trees.It was magical.

One night they sale out into sea to visit there be loved earth mother. The sea was really rough it made their canoe stuck in these two huge rocks,one giant wave came and crushed the canoe. They climbed back on and stayed there soaking wet and frozen cold.

They turned into stone that made them into humongous mountains. There oldest and tallest brother became the highest peak. Out of all of them.

So that is the story about Maui and Aoraki.

I really liked learning about this story because it was really exciting and attempting to know more. I want to know more about all the maori traditional stories.

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