Thursday, 4 May 2017

TPS ANZAC Ceremony

A.N.Z.A.C Ceremony TPS had a ANZAC ceremony. We had the ANZAC ceremony After morning tea. Participated in ANZAC ceremony. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. We had it by the school garden. To start the ceremony we had a karanga to welcome all the parents. Miss Karla did it. Karanga is something that welcomes the people from the community. Then we did the Australia and New Zealand national anthem. The Australian national anthem was a little hard but I said a little bit. Michael and Milan did a speech about that they go to battle brave and come back badly hurt. Then room 10 did a maori speech about the soldiers. I felt really solemn for all the soldiers that participated in World War 1. It’s really brave of them to stand up to protect our country. The soldiers risked their life to save us. I am respect their bravely.

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