Thursday, 25 May 2017

Potato and Onions Fritters.

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Potato And Onions Fritters recipes

Material                             Ingredients
- An electric frying pan        - 4 cups of Olive oil
- A few  plats                       - 2 Onions
- A Garter                            - 2 Potato
- A wooden spoon              - 1 cup of Chickpea powder
- 1 tea towel                        - 2 cups of water
- A knife                              - Salt to taste
- Some paper napkins       - Some black pepper
- A big bowl


1. Peel the potato and wash and do the same thing to the the onions.
2. Turn the electric frying pan and put  4 cups of olive oil and wait for it to be hot enough for the fritters to cook.
3. While you're waiting put 1 big cup of chickpea powder and pour 2 cups of water into a big bowl.
4. Mix the chickpea powder so it doesn't get stuck to the side of the bowl then put the roughly chopped finn onions and potato into the pot.
5. Then mix all of it together so it wouldn’t get stuck to the sides do it several time.
6. After doing that use a wooden spoon or your hands to put it into the electric frying pan.
7. Put 3 or 4 handfuls into the frying pan and wait for 1 minute when 1 minute is over flip it over and wait for 1 minute again.
8. Then put the fritters onto a plate and wait for it to cool down because it hot when it just comes the pan.
9. When it cooled down share around with every 1 how in the house or in class.

10. Then enjoy eating potato and onion fritters.

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